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Raised on both the traditional music of the church and the top 40 pop and rhythm and blues of the ‘70s and
‘80s,his music is both profound and inspiring, and a celebration of the best
of his diverse influences. From moving gospel ballads to upbeat funky sides, Peter brings to his music a sound, a
touch and a heart uniquely his own.
Label it if you like, or just simply say that Peter Penrose is a voice for these times.  Peter’s performances and worship
leading combine a unique blend of great music and a down to earth sense of humor.
Peter believes that walls can come down through music and laughter. “Sometimes I just want to let folks forget about their troubles for a short while and help bring a smile to their face. When God gave me the vision and the command to be light in the darkness, I responded with the gifts that I had been given.  I want to be a part of what God is doing."

Peter Penrose